BA Aftercare 1.5 Weeks Post Op?

I am a week and a half post op after my BA. I had a aerola incision and I'm curious what is the best ointment to use for healing and scarring. Also what is the best way to wash the incision area. I want to know all my options. One breast is still higher then the other, any suggestions will be much appreciated! I also want to know if I can find a website that can show the best massage techniques. My doctor went fast through showing me this and I can't remember them all. Thank you!

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Breast augmentation and incision

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Every surgeon is different with post-surgical care. I prefer that patients keep the incisions covered with steri-strips for several weeks after surgery. 

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BA Aftercare 1.5 Weeks Post Op

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Hello. With a week and a half I recommend you sanitize the area with alcohol and apply some healing powder of which are on the market. After 15 days you can apply rosehip oil or any other to nourish the skin

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