My eye socket along with eyebrows are asymmetrical. Any recommendations? This looks like more than ptosis to me (Photo)

My right eye seems bigger and more 'lifted' than my left eye and eyebrow.. It's like my whole left side of face is drooping.. However my main concern is the eye and eyebrow asymmetry to which I would really appreciate if you gave your opinion on how to handle this situation, many thanks!

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Eyelid and brow asymmetry

Hi there, there is some asymmetry present, and it's difficult to tell exactly if your eyelid is droopy or your brow position and the excess skin is causing some asymmetry.  All in all, you need an exam by an eyelid specialist to determine your best options. Combination of brow lift vs eyelid surgery or both may be required in order to give you the best natural result. Best of luck, Dr Chris...

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Eye asymmetry, see oculoplastic specialist

There are asymmetries on the photos but best to obtain in person consultation with an oculoplastic specialist. See following video too.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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Both eyes are ptotic.

It is just that the left eye is heavier than the right.  The brow asymmetry is compensatory for the heavy eyebrow.  Ptosis is repaired with surgery.  The surgery that is right for you is determined by the findings of a very detailed oculoplastic consultation.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Asymmetry of brows and eyelids

A bit of symmetry is present in all humans... but if it is bothersome, or associated with other symptoms, then it is reasonable to look into options. Facial nerve issues may cause facial drooping - this is not apparent from your photos and would require an examination to be sure. The photos are in slight upgaze - first two photos show relative ptosis of the left upper lid. If the lid margins appear symmetric and normal when the brows are lifted - then diagnosis is probably not eyelid ptosis - and more likely is brow ptosis. You may want to have an Oculoplastic surgeon evaluate your lids and brows for you and advise you what treatment is best for you.

Sara A. Kaltreider, MD
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