Asian eyelid surgery, my eyes are very uneven. Is this normal at all? (Photo)

I had Asian double eyelid surgery on November 10th 2016 and today is November 28th . My eyes are still very very uneven , it was uneven since I got out of surgery . I like my right eye , but left eye look horrible , waterline is showing and eyelash is flipping up really high , crease is much higher on left as well , my doctor said because my left eye was lower than right eye before , so more fat and skin were taken out on left , so it appears more swollen. I m worried if I need revision later on

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Asymmetry after Asian eyelid surgery

Post op asymmetry is most commonly due to unrecognized and untreated preoperative asymmetries, usually related to an unsymmetric weakness of the eye muscles (ptosis). The problem looks worse during swelling and then improves over several months, sometimes many months. I would recommend close communications with your surgeon until the problem is resolved, usually by waiting it out. The lash eversion that you're referring to may resolve as the swelling goes away, unless the surgeon used a more aggressive technique to clear out that area as part of the crease operations. I would have a discussion with your surgeon on this matter as well.

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