Can Artefill harden over time?

I've had Artefill used for my cheeks years ago and then recently Sculptra on top of it. It felt fine after the injection and a month later now the areas of injection, cheek bones has become hard, or hardened, and my face looks swollen. I did have a sinus infection and recently moved to a new state so not sure if any of those factors would come into play. Help please!

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Swelling and firmness after Sculptra

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Since the Sculptra is the new factor, this is most likely the problem. I would discuss with your doctor. This can represent an infection from your sinuses. It's possible you need antibiotics or injections to soften this.

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Hardening of Artefill After Sculptra Injections

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This is an interesting question.  If the Artefill was placed years ago and you did not have any problems it is likely the new placement of Sculptra that is the culprit that is making the areas of filler injection hard.  Sculptra can certainly make firm lumps or firmness in the areas it was injected.  Remember too, that any injection of filler will cause swelling for a week or more.  I would recommend talking to your injector about the side effects of Sculptra.

I hope that helps.

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The Softening Solution--Lasers, Venus Legacy

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A combination approach can improve this. I suggest 5fu injections and starting fraxel/venus legacy treatments to soften the area. See an expert for a formal evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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