Which area should my cheek-implants be placed on? (Photos)

I’m a male and got cheek implants last year. My surgeon did not understand my request about placing the implants very lateral. Result now looks feminine. I now want to revise this surgery. I need to know the specific cheekbone area to augment, to get wide masculine cheekbones. I have have found three. Which one could it be? (1) Temporal process of the zygomatic bone (2) Zygomatic process of the temporal bone (3) Zygomaticotemporal suture (<---a "border land” between the two above^^)

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Custom Malar/Cheek Implants

The position of cheek implants are largely dictated by the design of the implant and how they fit to the underlying skeleton. To accurately deliver a specific request and skeletal shape, it is probably best to consider custom made facial implants. Your plastic surgeon can design these using 3D CAT scans of your face. This may help address your specific goals. 

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Where to position malar implants

 I would not suggest  any of given options based on your desire. To achieve desired result you will have to seek an in person evaluation and lengthy discussion with a board certified plastic surgeon with good experience in facial implants. Selection of location, style and size of implant is a something that patient and surgeon have to decide together. Second opinion consult is always beneficial in situation of doubt. Good luck.

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Facial Sculpting with Fillers (voluma, restylane) Sculptra, implants and fat

I recommend getting a formal consultation with an expert in facial sculpting. This is difficult to answer without after-implant pictures. Fillers, Sculptra and/or fat can be used to reshape, as an alternative. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Micromanagement of your own surgery

Patients who have extremely specific wishes about how a surgery is to be performed technically tend to have a very high dissatisfaction rate.  

It's often preferable to consult with several well known surgeons and get their opinions on the matter, and proceed from there.

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