What are the Antifungal's and detox program my PS can prescribe me after explant & Capsulectomy from Implant Illness? (photo)

Hello this is for all the women who are getting explantation and full Capsulectomy what are the names of Antifungels to take so our plastic Surgon can order that for us. Also any products for detoxification. this is for those of us who can't travel out of state to go to the doctors who know this protical. Although I feel completely confident my ps will remove and enbloc my implants I'm not sure he's well versed in this system of these detox proticals.Please help us who can't travel...

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"Detoxification" for "implant disease"

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There is no medical/scientific basis for "implant disease" and therefore no legitimate treatment or "detoxification". Any plastic surgeon who would prescribe this for you is taking advantage of your fears and misleading you. This is a variant of the "Michael Jackson problem" where the patient keeps pushing until they find a doctor/surgeon who will do what they want even if it's not indicated or even risky or dangerous. All kinds of supposed diseases and treatments are touted when there is money to be made off of them. 

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