What can be done to make the eye shape bigger?

What can be done to make the eye shape bigger ( besides a bleph) ...can the actual canthus...upper and lower, be widened? Are there any techniques besides cutting? Anything options in the future? I am speaking about the eye opening itself. I am not sure what that is called. Is there anyway to put extra skin there? I want bigger eyes. Thank you.

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What can be done to make the eye shape bigger?

Difficult to answer in general terms but eyes can be opened vertically and possibly horizontally, based on existing anatomy and goals.  But function of the eye and natural results are critical in whatever choice you make, See an oculoplastic specialist and following link.

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Bigger eyes

The dimensions of the palpebral fissure can be altered in the horizontal and vertical direction. The medial and lateral canthal positions may be changed to increase the horizontal dimension of the fissure. The upper lid retractors (levator) and the lower lid retractors can be altered to increase the vertical dimension of the palpebral fissure. It would be most helpful to see an oculoplastic surgeon for personal evaluation and recommendations. Surgical techniques are the best option for substantial change presuming you would like to change the anatomic location of the eyelid structures. Best wishes.

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Botox for bigger eyes!

In the right candidate, Botox can be used to make the eyes appear bigger. The glabella is treated  to elevate the brow, and the lower lid orbicularis muscle is treated centrally with 1-2 units of Botox. This will widen the eye. Of course, patients with vary lax lower lids are not candidates for this lower lid injection. Please seek the advice of an experienced injector.

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Eyelid surgery

Thank you for your question.  There are various treatment options to correct eyelid malposition and/ or asymmetry.  Photos would be required to better determine the nature of your problem and the possible treatment options.  Re-post with photos, and better yet, consult with a specialist to become more educated and determine the best treatment options, if any, for you.  Best wishes.  

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