What to do after liposuction and uneven nipple reduction? Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I had surgery performed three weeks ago, it was just lipo and a nipple reduction and I'm not happy with the results. The lipo hasn't removed the puffyness when it gets warm plus the nipple reduction was not even and doesn't look good or natural . Please advise if it is possible to fix this situation as I'm afraid my chest may have been ruined due to nipple reduction being botched. There are dot like scars about 3cms under the nipple from some contraption the surgeon used, will this go away??

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Puffy nipple after liposuction

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Three weeks is still early within healing time after surgery. Swelling can last up to six weeks and may be asymmetrical. I recommend giving yourself more time to heal before evaluating results but it is best to have a follow-up examination with your surgery if you are still having concerns. 

Unhappy with male breast surgery

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If you are unhappy with your male breast surgery, you can consider a revision surgery; however, I would wait a good three months to allow all of the swelling to subside.

Too early to worry

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Swelling and incision lines need time to heal and mature.   You are way too anxious way too early.   Go for your routine checkups and ask your doctor.   Incidentally you look fine for only being such a short time post surgery.  My Best,  Dr Commons

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