After breast reconstruction can you leave tissue exapnders in for a few years?

It has been about a year and a half since my tissue expanders were placed but I do not have health insurance until next year.

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Expanders in over a year

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wow.  I'm sorry to hear that. It is ideal to have the stage 2 done soon.  However unless there's an infection my experience is that the skin etc just settle Down and get softer as time goes on. 

You have had a double mastectomy and the surgery is quite intense and involve 

 Continue on you road with your surgeon. You will have a great result with your board certified plastic surgeon 

Timing for expander swap

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I am sorry to hear about your health insurance situation.  It is not a problem to leave your expanders in for several years.  Patients are typically much happier once they are removed, as expanders are firm and frequently uncomfortable.  Good luck and I hope your insurance situation gets sorted out soon.

Kelly Killeen, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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