How soon after having a BBL can you stop wearing the body shaper?

The body shaper I'm wearing makes it difficult to breath and is beyond uncomfortable. I had a BBL 5 days ago and I'm considering taking the body shaper off.

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How long to wear post op garments after BBL

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You should really check in with your surgeon regarding the discomfort you are experiencing - he/she will likely check to make sure it is fitting correctly. I typically have my patients wear a shaper or abdominal binder for compression for 6-8 weeks after surgery, as it really help control the swelling. 

BBL and spandex

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We typically recommend a total of 2 weeks of wearing pressure garments following our BBL procedures.

Please ask your plastic surgeon

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It's not really appropriate for us to give you postoperative instructions.

Please follow up with your plastic surgeon and have him or her instruct you would want to do.

Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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