What if after getting a BBL your booty goes back to its original size?

Someone that I know had this happen to them. All that money & pain they went through just for their booty to go back to how it originally was. What could possibly be the issue? I am currently in the process of getting a Brazillian Butt lift in December, but I am just thinking will it be worth it...

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Brazilian Butt Lift

In a Brazilian butt lift, fat is used to enlarge and reshape the buttocks. Fat grafting can be difficult to predict and it is up to your body's own metabolism, technique, amount and quality of fat grafted, as well as the post-operative care to determine how much fat ultimately becomes incorporated and considered permanent. Other times, patients will attempt to gain weight just before surgery to increase the amount of fat that can be used. After surgery, they return to their baseline weight or work extra hard to further improve their body and weight loss, but don't realize that losing weight means losing the fat that was used in the BBL. Hope this helps!

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