Is Affirm Laser Good for Mild Crows Feet and Orbital Area Tightening?

I do not want botox, I do not like the results of botox. I am looking for a laser solution for the beginning aging around eye area. MILD crows feet, crinkling and lax skin under eye brow. Would Affirm Laser be ideal for this area and issue? I have tried Ulthera and Total FX, both did not give any results. Thank You.

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Affirm Laser for Crow's Feet

Thanks for your question and I would want to know why you did not like Botox and why Ulthera and TotalFX did not work for you. These are all great procedures that work when skilled providers perform them- in the offices of board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons. What happened when these were done? Every line and wrinkle will not disappear – some may come back sooner than later.

If you want Affirm, and I did the early FDA work on this device, you need to realize that this is a non-invasive fractional laser and that a series of treatments are needed – 4-6 on average. You need to have realistic expectations and then you need a skilled office that does these procedures on a regular basis.

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