Advice about small white lump on jawline after Radiesse.

I've had Radiesse injected in my chin and along my jawline (I'm a guy). I've had this before and my experienced doctor told me during the procedure exactly what he did to avoid this. This is why I am so shocked and surprised at thw result. It's already been like 3 weeks since the procedure and my doctor is on vacation but I have this white spot alongside my jaw where no beardhair grows anymore. can this return? Obviously I will go to my doctor when he comes back, any advice?

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Lumpy after Radiesse--Radiofrequency, laser, saline

There is no reversing agent for radiesse and I would avoid steroid injections. I suggest consulting with a facial contouring specialist for correction. Radiofrequency and laser can help if you are unhappy.  5fu or saline injections are also options.  Best, Dr. Emer

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