Accutane French Method (3x Per Week, 40mg Pill)?

Hello, my daughter is 15 years old and her dermotologist suggested putting her on accutane low dosage. He told us that it's called the French method/treatment. She will take 40mg pill on Mon/Wed/Fri only and it might take a little longer but will prevent from bad side effects. Any input would be grealy appreciated

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Accutane French Method (3x Per Week, 40mg Pill)

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I use a low dosage method too because it tremendously cuts down on the side effects. While patients are on the dosage longer, they are happier and tolerate the medication much better and won't try to skip dosages this way. Taking 3 pills a week (40mg each) is just fine, so a total weekly dosage of 120mg. The intention of Accutane is to get a specific mg of the medication into the body to combat the acne - it's not that important if you do that daily (20mg day x 7 days would be 140mg), or every other day (40mg x 3 days is 120mg). Very similar.

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