Am I a good candidate for gingivectomy? (Photo)

I have always wanted to have a better smile, i feel that my gums are to exposed specially when i smile. Im planing to have braces to close my front gap but before that im considering a gingivectomy.

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Lip Repositioning

I don't believe from the photos that you are a good candidate for a gingivectomy. The other option is to consider a lip repositioning surgery. Keep in mind that your lips are currently very full and pleasing to the eye. The lip repositioning could enhance the fullness of your lips, especially upon approaching a full and complete smile. 

Miami Periodontist
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Thanks for posting the pictures. I agree with the other dentis, a gingivectomy isn't the best answer for your situation. The question is really two fold. Is your lip too mobile or is your jaw in the wron place. That can't be determined from your pictures. This is something a good orthodontist wil help with. Share your concerns with your orthodontist. Let them determine the best answer for your problem. 


I don't believe you should get this procedure done. Your teeth will look very long and unattractive. Your upper jaw grew down too much and can be fixed with jaw surgery.

Majid Jamali, DMD
New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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