Am I a good candidate for gum contour? (Photo)

When I was 7 I fell and chipped my front tooth. At the age of 10 before getting braces I believe I had gum sugery n after getting my braces I started to get a Gummy smile. Help! What do u suggest?

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Gummy Smile Correction

You can do a gingival reduction that will partially fix the problem but a full flap with bone reduction would give better results.  It is also possible to do reverse vestibuloplasty to limit how far the lip moves expsing the gums.

The best approach is actually correcting your narrow maxilla with Epigenetic orthodontics/orthopedics allowing better positioning of teth and bone to mold lips, create a better airway and a full 10-12 tooth smile.   As you widen the posterior you create a more eye-pleasing u-shaped maxilla.

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