Am I a Candidate for Arm Coolscultping? (photo)

I wish to decrease inches on my arms. They are not super flabby or fat in one area (no real chicken wings), it is just a layer of fat all over the upper arm. If there is not a huge flap of back arm fat to grip and target with the machine, is it impossible to treat the entire circumference of the upper arm with the cool sculpting applicator?

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Off-label uses for coolsculpting including upper arm fat

the off-label uses of coolsculpting may provide some patients with good results. However, some patients with upper arm fat may not derive the best results. numbness and irregularities can occur. A big concern isnerve sensitivity or numbness after treatment which is a possibility and no one can be guaranteed it won't occur.

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Coolsculpting Arms

I would not recommend Coolscuplting for your arms... I would suggest arm exercises instead for optimal results.


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Coolsculpting, Exilis

I think that given the small amount of fat you have on your arms and the fact that you prefer circumferential treatment would make it difficult to do with Coolsculpting technically.  In my office, I would treat you with Exilis which would allow us to do the entire circumference of the arm without any problems.  Exilis is a radiofrequency device and is moved in a continuous fashion over the surface of the skin.  It does not require the attachment to the skin the Coolsculpting does.  Good luck in your quest.

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