7 weeks post op donut breast lift with 450cc on right breast & 400cc on left. Saline. Why did my left boob dropped more?(photo)

Initially my left implant dropped quickly and my right was higher. Now my right one is perfect but my left one seemes to be lower. It seems as if I were bottoming out. I also have this dent on the inner part of my left boob. It creates an ugly shadow. I also can feel the implant on my bottom left as if it were to come right out if I cut there. The incisiĆ³n on the right breast fold is perfectly placed. the left one is more forward. Could that be the reason why my left boob dropped more?

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One side breast implant has dropped more

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Based on your photographs I think you look very good for 7 weeks after breast augmentation and lift.  Based on your photographs I do not see bottoming out.  However your implants will continue to settle to the next 6 weeks.  Please wait until then to evaluate your result and of course discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Augmentation mastopexy

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At 7 weeks postop your result is approaching final position of the implants, but sometimes a bit more settling of the implants can happen.  From your photos your result appears satisfactory, but it would be easier to tell of you also had posted preop photos.

Implant position

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I would say that at 7 weeks after your surgery, its still a bit too early to tell the final position of your implants.  I tell my patients that they tend to settle at different times and can take up to 3 months before the final results appear.  At this point, allow them to reach their final position and follow up with your surgeon and discuss your concerns with him or her.  Good luck!

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