5 weeks after Lasik still blurred vision and bad headache. Any suggestions?

5 weeks ago I had my LASIK procedure done. Important to mention is probably that I was diagnosed with extrem dry eye and I am using Restylan several times a day. Since about 10 days I have a headache. Always located on the right side of the head. Pain radiating into the right ear and jaw. Also in addition my eyesight is still blurry close up and distance as well. Severety of headache depends on how much I use my eyesight.Worse than not being able to do my work is the extrem headache every day.

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Were you nearsighted or farsighted before surgery?  Are you presbyopic?  Were both eyes corrected for distance?  You may be overcorrected and now farsighted resulting in eye strain.  I would suggest you return to your doctor.  Plugs and Restasis (R) and non preserved tears should be considered for the dry eye problem...

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