4wks 5days p/op BL/BA. One breast is flat and nipple lower. Looking at my pics will I even out and have great results? (photos)

I am almost 5 weeks postop lollipop lift with SRF 485cc silicone under muscle. My right breast is so flat and ugly shaped. The nipple is so much lower than the left. My PS says it is still high and I'm doing downward massages now. My left breast looks great. If I left my right arm and lower the left my breast are even, which I think is weird. Looking at my pics do you think my breast will even out and I will end up with great results.

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Breast asymmetry followng breast lift and implant augmentation

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Although the breasts will tend to settle out with time, I do not think your degree of asymmetry will be corrected with waiting. Unfortunately, I think that you will require revision surgery to improve symmetry.

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Massage Unnecessary

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As I mentioned in your last post, you do have asymmetry, and it is far more than just implant positioning on your chest wall.  You have large implants that will drop and fluff substantially with time. Implant massage is not necessary for normal healing, to treat implant malposition, or to treat or prevent capsular contracture. You do not need to massage; it will not change the course of events for you. You will not have even breasts, but they will look better than they do now. If after 6 months you don't feel your breasts look great, then go visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons that specialize in revision breast surgery.  Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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