I have recently had 45 units of Botox in forehead and eyes. I still have deep lines under my eyes which I hate. (Photo)

How would I get rid of these lines under the eye? Would a filler help to eliminate these?

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How to improve lines under eyes even after Botox?

You appear to have a small amount of protruding fat under your eyes as well as some lines above and below these areas.  It is possible that a filler could help to improve these issues. Surgery of the lower eyelids would be another option.  If you were to use a filler, I would recommend one of the hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane for that area.  

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Lower Eyelid bags

It never makes sense to me to add volume into an area that it already too protuberant. Therefore, fillers would make these lower eyelids even more bulbous. On the contrary, standard lower blepharoplasty would be beautiful, refreshing, and not have to be repeated every year or so, which makes lower eyelid surgery  predictable.  It doesn't add bulk and it saves money  b/c it doesn't have to be injected over and over again.

Still have wrinkles after Botox

Thank you for your question pollycam. Botox is used to treat wrinkles around the eyes. A tiny amount of Botox injected directly under the eyes can be used to treat fine lines in that area.
Volume loss under the eyes is common. This is more apparent when the wrinkles are treated because sometime we do not notice it when we see wrinkles. Volume loss can be treated non-surgically with a filler such as Restylane. Surgical options would have longer lasting results. I recommend consulting with a doctor for specific advice. Good luck!

Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
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Dark Circles, Eyelid Wrinkles/Bags Treatment -- Restylane or Belotero with Cannulas, Clear+Brilliant, Eclipse Micropen, Viva

I suggest a combination approach with lasers, fillers, skin care and microneedling/PRP for treatment of under eye wrinkles and optimal results. Please see a board certified dermatologist. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Lines around the Eyes

Botox has a great result for the crow's feet but the area that you are describing would be best treated with a combination of lasers and fillers.  I like the eMatrix for this delicate under eye area and Belotero or Restylane as a filler.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Lines underneath lower eyelids

Thank you for your question.

For deep lines underneath your lower eyelids, there are a combination of procedures that can be performed to help this area. Frist, the use of peels or laser therapy can diminish the lines underneath the eyes. Second, fillers in this area, when placed correctly, can soften the lines. And lastly, a lower eyelid blepharoplasty is an excellent option to remove excess protruding fat and redrape the skin of the lower eyelid-cheek junction. Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Lower lids

It is very hard to see the lines in the photos. If they are fine lines. then light peels or laser may help.  If you are concerned about tear troughs, then filler might be good.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Restylane and laser resurfacing under the eyes.

Hi Pollycam.  You are definitely a candidate for Restylane injections and have some volume loss under the eyes.  Laser resurfacing can also help with those lines.  See below for photos and further explanation.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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FIller or Surgery

You lower lids certainly can be improved with a filler. Presently, I have  been very pleased with Belotero  to the tear trough area and  under the  lid margin.  It does not  create a blue discoloration if injected superficially and  has less water retention than juvederm. 

If the result falls short of the degree of improvement you would like, that is the clearest indication that a surgical blepharoplasty is right for you.

Best regards, Prashant Soni, M.D.

Prashant Soni, MD
Danbury Plastic Surgeon
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Fillers maybe

you have some lines under your eyes when you smile. remember you cannot inject Botox too close to the lower lids or they will sag, since they are supported by a muscle sling.

Fillers, such as Juvaderm may help will the hollowing. 

you may get some tightening to the lower lids with either a chemical peel such 
as TCA or with laser resurfacing.

david berman md

David E. Berman, MD
Sterling Plastic Surgeon
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