3 weeks post-op TT and Lipo. Incision opened slightly. Does this look normal? (photo)

Hello! I'm 3 weeks post op TT and lipo. I took off binder to check healing, and a light to look under TT incision with the mirror last night. I noticed it was slightly open, white ish, and raw. I slept with my binder off to give it some air. It looks like it scabbed up a bit... Which I think is a good thing. Is this looking okay? Should I be cleaning it with anything or using anti bacterial ointment. I'm terrified of the skin dying or getting infection.

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Don't worry

I would not worry about the healing of your incision, our bodies have a terrific capacity to take care of themselves. 

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Tummy Tuck

Good day,

Looks like there is a minor bit of wound separation. There does not appear to be any infection. This is not entirely unusual. Likely some Neosporin and a dressing is all that would be required at this point. Check with your surgeon for specific recommendations.

Best wishes!

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