3" Hard Foam over Compression with Abdominal Binder for 1 Month, is This Normal?

I had a revision on my stomach (mid and lower) to correct bad lipo performed last year that left me with a ridge in the center and bottom from areas where fat was not extracted. This Doctor's instructions entail wearing a compression garment for 6 weeks, PLUS a 3" hard foam (not the typical reston foam) on top of the garment with an abdominal binder tight holding it all in for 1 MONTH. From everything I have read, this seems like an overkill. I've had to buy maternity clothes to fit over this.

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Compression after liposuction

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I too recommend that my patients wear a compression garment for about 4-6 weeks following liposuction. However, I only have them wear soft Reston foam immediately after the procedure  for about 5-7 days. Beyond that they only wear a form-fitting compression garment. I have never used a "hard" foam as you are discussing, so I cannot over any advice with respect to that.

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