20 Week PO. What options other than surgery do I have to get rid of what might be fat necrosis, suture build up or scar tissue?

I have a lump the size of a large marble and few smaller ones surrounding the large one on the left side of my belly button that hurts to the touch and I feel it when I breath or move.Saw another PS. Mine was unavailable.The PS said it possibly is fat necrosis,suture build up,scar tissue or worse,muscle separation. He advised I massage and see if any improvement. He mentioned i may need surgery to scrape it out. I have no fever or sign of infection. Which can it be?What are my treatment options?

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Fat Necrosis

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A full exam would be needed. I don't know why you'd have fat necrosis at the level of belly button; usually that would occur with partial or full skin necrosis down at the incision line.  If it was scar tissue or necrotic fat, small injections of corticosteroids can cause dramatic shrinkage. 
Best of luck.

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Thank you for the question but without an examination it would be guessing.  So if seeking answers see some other experts in your area and bring your operative note

Dr Corbin

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