I'm [17-Male] interested in having a form of facial surgery that would give me male model-looking/hollow cheekbones.

However, as I was reviewing some before and after results on male patients, I found that their faces had only gotten rounder and fuller therefore more femine. Is it that these patients had their cheekbones augmented and don't look like the male models cause they don't do their expressions or did their faces actually became fuller? Are my expectations realistic or would my face get fuller if I had these performed on me? Does my facial structure help in getting what I want? Thanks !

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Hallow Cheeks

It is difficult to be specific with so much of your face covered in the view you submitted. However, cheek augmentation with implants can provide better definition in a thin face like yours.  The full look you don't like is secondary to poor implant design or the use of fillers which can increase volume but never increase the fine definition ideal for you.

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Facial surgery that would give me male model-looking/hollow cheekbones.

You are correct...round, fuller cheeks are a feminine feature!  Male cheek bones should be angular.  I use specific implants that provide angularity for the male face; softness and fullness for the female face.  In addition, fillers provide an incredible, quick way to shape to the face.   At age 17, you would need to be seen in consultation with your parent/parents.  

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