is 12 joules per squared centimer a high enough setting to trigger permanent hair removal on Candela Gentlelase Pro?

I'm getting laser hair removal at a clinic. I've had about 3 treatments but I've noticed that the nurse always keeps the setting at that level. I've asked why and if they were high enough and they told me that higher levels may lead to burns. All of my hair falls out as usual after the treatment but at the end of 8 weeks the same hair comes back. I've noticed that other patients on yelp have complained about the settings being set deliberately low to keep clients coming back more often.

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Laser Hair Removal Settings

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Hi LA90212.  The bottom line with laser hair removal is that you should be achieving a steady reduction in the amount of hair you have with each visit.  If the hair comes back exactly the same as it was previously, then maybe it's time to consider a new office.

Too often consumers make decisions about laser hair removal treatments based on price without regard to training, experience or the laser technology being used.  If the Alexandrite laser this practice is using is not ideal for your skin type (not very safe) or the person treating you is not experienced or well trained, you may very well not achieve permanent hair removal.

Perhaps it's time to go to another couple consultations to learn more about what other practices would suggest for you.  To see examples of Los Angeles laser hair removal patients successfully treated with the Diode and Yag lasers, check the link below.

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