6 Weeks Post Op, Upset with Results After BA? (photo)

(Stats on Captions) The Last Pic, Size I chose. I know its not much difference to what I got but I would have assumed that since it was going under the muscle my PS would have done more CC's? Was that something I needed to request? or is it just common sense for the PS to do? I dealt with the Consultant through this sizing process. I went in last week and told her that I was very unhappy with results and want a revision. Do I still have to pay for Implants? Thank You for your answers.

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6 Weeks Post Op, Upset with Results After BA?

A "consultant" IS NOT THE DOCTOR!!! ONLY decide with your doctor. I would have gone 450 cc range in you but only limited info posted so just a guess. 

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Unhappy with breast size after breast augmenation

Although every office is different, the financial responsibility typically falls on the patient for a revision and for the implants.  That is why choosing your implant size is so important.  It is not up to the surgeon to automatically go larger when going under the muscle, this is a decision that should've been made by you and the surgeon at the time of your pre-op.  Let your surgeon know about your concerns and see what your options are from there.  You are not that far off so maybe weigh the pros and cons of having a revision at this point. ac

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Unhappy after Breast Augmentation

Sorry for your disappointment.  I agree with others that over time, implants will drop improving your contour. Unfortunately, they will likely get smaller over time, not larger.  Communcation is key when deciding size for breast augmentation.  Different plastic surgeons have different policies regarding re-operation, so I would talk to the plastic surgeon, not the "consultant", and voice your concerns and displeasure. Best of luck.

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6 Weeks Post Op, Upset with Results After BA

Hi - I'm obviously sorry that you're not happy with your results.  From an objective standpoint, it looks generally good and, with time, you could expect them to look even better than they do now.  That, however, does not address the issue of size.  It can be very tricky to make sure that you and your surgeon agree on size, and another issue is that it may not be possible to give you the size you want (you may not have enough excess skin, etc).  That is better addressed before surgery than after.  Finally, each office has its own policies addressing something like this.  You may have to pay for the costs (anesthesia, new implants, facility fee) and a reduced surgical fee, etc., depending on what you can work out with your surgeon.  The best thing is to try to maintain an open and honest dialogue.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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Not happy with breast implant size

Your overall result looks good but it may not be what your were expecting. For over one year we have used the Vectra 3D imaging system and in that time I have not had any complaints about breast size.  This is certainly something that can be avoided if there is good communication between the patient and her plastic surgeon.  

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Revision Breast Surgery For Size Change

Unfortunately, some patients do require revision breast augmentation surgery for many reasons. Size change is one of those reasons. In my practice, and in many plastic surgery practices that I am familiar with, patients bear the financial cost of re-operations for size change that is requested by the patient. Obviously, each and every surgeon may have a different policy.

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Achieving the Desired Size

Thank you for your photos.  Every office handles revisions differently. Regarding sizing, I participate in the sizing.  I inform patients that the size they like needs to be increased in surgery at by 50 cc or more to achieve the same effect that the sizing system produces.  That comes, like with everything in life, with experience.

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Breast Revision After Augmentation

Sorry to here about your disappointment after breast augmentation surgery.  At this point the best thing I can recommend is to be patient and wait and see.  You are so early in the recovery phase that it will take some time before you reach your final results.  The implants need to shift and drop and a lot happens during the next 4 months.  At that point you can make a decision as to what you may or may not want to do. As far as the cost and what that entails, that is some thing that you will need to discuss with your plastic surgeon when and if the time comes.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.  

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Pain for revisional surgery is at the discretion of the surgeon but should be understood prior to any operation.

In my practice I do not charge an additional professional fee for any revisional surgery. Generally, if patients are truly dissatisfied with the size of the implants most plastic surgeons can get them at cost for the patient.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Communication and breast augmentation

I think that the key when doing a breast augmentation is to have good communication with your doctor to make sure that you are "on the same page."  Obviously you were not and if you are unhappy, you will have to figure out a solution so that you are happy.

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