Is it ok to use loreal age perfect oil after using retin a?

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Yes, OK to moisturize after Retin-A

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The Age Perfect Oil is a moisturizer and is absolutely fine to use with your Retin-A. At our office we always recommend our patients supplement their topical retinoid use with a good moisturizer. As you may have experienced, products like Retin-A do have a tendency to dry out the skin. This dryness is usually the worst in the first couple months of using the product. 
Utilizing a good moisturizer helps to mitigate this dryness and makes our patients skin more comfortable during Retin-A treatment. Additionally, if you apply the Retin-A first and then the oil after, there will be no decrease in the efficacy of your Retin-A. Some of our patients like to wait a bit in between applying products simply to have each absorb into the skin. However, this is not absolutely necessary. If you like the Age Perfect oil to moisturize, go ahead and continue using it with your Retin-A!

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