How to Fix Lopsided Results from Radiesse?

I usually get Juvederm for nasolabial folds but doctor recommended Radiesse. He used one syringe, did the injection then said to come back after two weeks to touch up. At that time, I thought the left side was too full compared to the right and looked lopsided even after the swelling went down.

When I went in for the touch up, I thought he'd correct it but instead he added more to the side that already looked too full! How can this be fixed? More products to fill out the lopsidedness? He says it needs to be massaged.

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Radiesse fills wrinkles

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Cosmetic procedures are elective procedures. When I plan on injecting a patient with a filler I usually give the patient a mirror and ask them which nasolabial side is deeper. Most of us have asymmetry in our face, the right side may be deeper then the left. it is important to notice this ahead of time and adjust for it when injecting. A little more filler will be required on the deeper side.

The benefits of an injectable is that it is done with a local anesthesia, you are completely awake. Therefore, you should have some input on the procedure. Usually by injecting small amounts at a time and going slow with the injections symmetry can be achieved. Some patients will require more then 1 syringe, an experienced injector will be able to tell you ahead of time.

Any injections may cause swelling and bruising. Usually by the end of a week you will have a good idea of what the final results will be. Some patients will require a longer time for the swelling to go down. Massaging will help as well.

Long Island City Plastic Surgeon

Lopsided results from Radiesse

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Unfortunately Radiesse cannot easily be extracted or dissolved. I would wait a full month to allow the swelling and filler to fully settle, then consider another touch-up at that point. Massage can help to some degree. I hope you are able to find a provider you are comfortable with and who is responsive to your concerns.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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