Loose Skin on the Bottom of my Right Breast After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I am currently 5 weeks and 3 days post op. I had a breast lift and augmentation done. While they look pretty even or nicely round, my right breast has more loose skin at the bottom than my left breast. I have noticed that it is also softer than left. I also feel a very minor burning sensation at the bottom of my right breast. I did breastfeed and had loose skin pre- op.Does this have to do with my implant not dropping yet? Is this something to worry about or is there still time for it to change?

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Breast tissue below lower border of your breast implant


It sounds like you may have breast tissue that is drooping below the lower border of your implant.  You may have had breast ptosis (drooping) before your procedure that would have needed a vertical component to the lift such a lollipop type lift (circumvertical breast lift).  In these circumstances if the areola is lifted via a purse-string lift the breast tissue that is dropping below the fold is not corrected and can be pinched below the implant.  To correct this a circumvertical breast lift would be needed.  When this is performed the areola can also be made smaller if that is desired.

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Loose Skin After Breast Augmentation


Your loose skin is not really an issue that you should be concerned with, because it is not apparent in the photographs you submitted, even with your fingers pinching it.  It is merely loose skin that you had before the surgery that was not tightened with either the placement of the implant or the crescent lift that was performed. It will either 'tighten up' if the implant drops (which might not be a good thing in terms of how the tops of your breasts would look: empty), or it won't tighten up, because the implants didn't. The first scenario is most likely with saline implants, the second with silicone gel.

If you are not happy after three months, than the best way to tighten that skin is with the more appropriate breast lift that you didn't get: a vertical lift or some variant.  This lift will tighten that area, reduce your areolar diameter and make them more circular, and allow finer scars to form.

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5 weeks



It is still early to see final results. Your right breast from what I can see the implant has not dropped as much as the left. You can wear a breast band to help that along. Make sure you address your concerns with your PS.


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Will My Left Implant Drop More?

Five weeks after a breast augmentation is truly too early to make a final determination of how things are going to be in the future.  If your implants are above the muscle, then, more than likely, they will continue to drop.  If your implants are below the muscle and you have loose skin at the bottom of the right breast, I would recommend the use of an ace wrap only on the right breast to get it to fall into the pocket. 

I would not worry at this time if I were you, but I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  I would imagine the loose skin does have to do with the implant not completely settling into the pocket yet. 

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