Where Could I Have Loose Skin Removed Free After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I had bypass surgery in 1993 with multiple subsequent complications.I'm a professional55y/o,recently divorced.I look much younger and am told I'm a beautiful woman.I'm very self concious and won't wear a swim suit or go sleeveless.The loose skin on my thighs contributes to pain and other difficulties with my fibromyalgia.I am too self concious to date and become intimate for fear of the response to my appearance.I am embarking on a new phase of life and working on all areas of my life.Plz.help

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Dear NOLAwoman,

One of the consequences of massive weight loss is the loose, sagging tissues.  While some insurance carriers may cover some of the costs for treating this problem, not all do and those that do, will certainly only cover part of the costs.  I would suggest you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience in managing the aftermath of massive weight who can help guide you better.  There are a number in your region to choose from.

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