Botox for Lower Eyelid Loose Skin?

I am 33 years old, and I've always had a little loose skin in my lower eyelid. It has gotten worse recently, and I have seen a specialist about a Blepharoplasty. He then suggested to try 2 units of Botox in the lower lid. I am quite skeptical as these wrinkles are caused by a loose skin, and the Botox in my opinion would make matters worse by relaxing the muscles. What is the rationale behind his suggestion? Has Botox been successful in such cases?

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Botox for Lower Eyelid Loose Skin

Botox will improve "crows feet" wrinkles temporarily.  However, if the excess skin is located centrally in the lower lid, a blepharoplasty would be a better course of treatment.  Results from the blepharoplasty will also last several years compared with a few months with the Botox.

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Botox for the Under Eyelid Skin

Botox is an agent that works to disrupt the creases formed from moving muscles. Lower eyelid wrinkles are formed from a combination of skin elastosis and dynamic and overactive orbicularis oris muscles. Although Botox may not completely eradicate all wrinkles, it will definitely improve lower eyelid wrinkles due to muscle hyperactivity.

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Botox can limit the gathering of lower eyelid skin wrinkles which occur with squinting

Occasionally when the lower eyelid muscle contracts it causes a gathering of the overlying skin simlar to the "crow's feet area" when you smile.

Relaxing the lower eyelid muscle can cuase the skin to more evenly distribute itself over the relaxed muscle.

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