A Person Have Loose Skin from Lipodissolve - Is This Normal?

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Lipodissolve and s

IF an excessive amount of fat was treated and you have poor skin laxity, it is most likely that this is associated with the lipodissolve injection.

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Loose skin after Lipodissolve?

Without photos, it's nearly impossible to tell you what is "normal" or not.  Lipodissolve, in my opinion, is not a good procedure--its results are quite variable and unpredictable.  Your loose skin may be due to skin laxity that has been unveiled by removing fat from beneath it (fat supports the skin to some extent, and it may appear more loose when you empty it out).  Or it may be something else altogether. Without knowing other critical information, it's impossible to give you good solid feedback (age, weight, history of weight loss, prior pregnancies, area treated, number of treatments, other surgeries in the past in that area, etc).

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