Loose Skin Left After Abdominoplasty

After loosing 10 stone a while ago, I recently had loose skin removed from my chest (gynaecomastia and mastopexy) and abdomen (standard abdominoplasty). While I am pleased with the outcome, I wonder what can be done about the loose skin on my flanks, back, backside and thighs shown in the photos. What procedure might improve the appearance of these areas? I am 6' 4", 154lb and have a low body fat percentage. Thank you

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Loosness after abdominoplasty

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From the photos it seems you would be a candidate for a body lift and lipotransfer to the pecs and glutts. Abdominoplasty alone, in such cases, gives a good result...not a great one. See a board certified plastic surgeon and make sure she or he perfomes a lot of these proceedures. Good judgment comes from experience but experience unfourtunatly comes from bad judgment. I dont know if you lost a lot of weight after the tuck, so I'm not saying the surgeon showed bad judgment.

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