Loose Skin Under Eyes, Only 18 Years Old? (Photo)

Is there anything i could do to tighten this area? or is it an issue of not hydrating properly and too much sun exposure? (i run cross country, therefore I am in the sun for extended periods of time.)

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Loose skin under eyes

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Do you have any problems at all with allergies, asthma or hay fever?  The folds and discoloration are fairly typical in people with these problems. The are referred to as atopic 'shiners' and Denny-Morgan folds.  If this is the case, controlling the underlying condition is imperative as they are due to vascular congestion in the soft tissues of the eyelids and rubbing the skin.  A favorite eye cream that works wonders for delicate skin of the eyelids is Obagi's Elastiderm Eye Cream.  Give that one a try.

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