Loose Skin Before and After 3 Days Post Op? (photo)

Had Tumescent Liposuction on upper and lower abdomen my love handles look fabulous and im sore as hell but I did have some excess skin on my stomach that may bounce back but may not right now that area feels like there's still fat in there could that just be swelling instead of fat? I think my contour is going to turn out right but i had a lot of lumps I had to massage and smooth out it looks 1,000 percent better and I had to change the garment because it was not working it was indenting my skin

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3 days is too early to see your results.

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Patience will be needed for you to see your final result.  At about 2 - 3 months you should be most of the way there.  You still have swelling in the tissues and your contour will improve.  As for the loose skin of your abdomen, time will tell whether this firms up and snaps back.

Loose Skin Before and After 3 Days Post Op?

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Photos show a very early healing liposuction so can not really address your question at this time. But sounds like you are doing everything you can to obtain that great result. Try external ultrasound therapy is my only suggestion. 

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