Loose skin after tummy tuck - What should I do? (Photo)

I am almost 3 months post op from a tummy tuck with lipo. I have a follow up appointment on the 5th. I've been concerned with the way my abdomen looks. There is still loose skin and hard painful lumps along the vertical incision. I'm looking for advice so I know what to say when I see my surgeon. I'm super disappointed with how it looks. Advice?

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Loose skin after tummy tuck

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I would agree with the other posts.  It is difficult to evaluate based on a flexed picture and without a physical exam.  It would be unlikely that the skin would have any further retraction at this point. I would review this with your surgeon and develop a plan you both feel comfortable with.Regarding the "lumps", these are likely areas of fat necrosis.  Your doctor should be able to review a plan of leaving them alone, steroid injections or removal.

Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

Another Picture?

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It's hard to address these issues with the current picture you have uploaded. Any way you can upload some newer pics? Please note that you are still within your healing process and you may still experience some improvement. As always you must express any and all concerns you have with your doctor.

Loose skin after tummy tuck

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I would like to see a photo of you in the fully erect position as bending over slightly may not accurately demonstrate the condition of your abdomen.  There does need to be some laxity; otherwise, you would not be able to bend at the waist without severe discomfort.  You are still early in the healing process in terms of the lumps you describe.  Continue to followup with your plastic surgeon and have patience.

Loose Skin When Flexed After TT

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Looking at your photo, I agree that you have looseness of your abdominal skin with flexion.  It would be important to know what your abdomen looks like in the fully upright position.  You are fairly early in the healing process.  The lumps and bumps would likely be improved with massage.  All patients will have some reboot laxity (looseness) of the abdominal skin after a TT, and most people in general will have some looseness when they flex.   Make sure your PS is following you closely and voice your concerns.  This all may improve with time and resumption of prior full physical activity.  

Good Luck

Gaurav Bharti

Loose skin post TT

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It is very difficult without a hands on examination to tell if there is laxity to be improved. You look somewhat flexed in the photo. Your surgeon should be able to assist you in evaluating the amount of laxity you have. You are also early in the course of healing. Tightening and continued improvement will occur for about a year. You trusted your surgeon, and I would follow the surgeon's advice.

Loose skin after tummy tuck - What should I do?

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I would suggest that you share your concerns/questions with your plastic surgeon in a calm and constructive fashion. It may be helpful for you to remember that ongoing skin contraction and redraping will continue to occur during the first year after this operation. Keep in mind, that as you flex at the waist or sit, some redundant skin will always be present.
Therefore, I would suggest that you continue to exercise patience and allow for the one year to pass before evaluating the longer-term outcome of the procedure performed. If, at that time, redundant skin is still present, additional skin excision may be possible for an improved outcome.
Best wishes.

Loose after tummy tuck

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I evaluate my results with my patients standing erect as laxity is needed to allow this.  Techniques can influence results and your right abdomen has a fullness that suggests discontinuous undermining was used and not as thorough on the right side.  Regardless, your surgeon should want the best outcome for you so keep your surgeon aware of you concerns and when the time is right, you can discuss revisions.

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