3 month post op, I have Loose Skin After Tummy Tuck

3 months post tuck. I had a seroma that initially drained 300ml and after 3 weeks that was done. @ 5 weeks I had bronchitis with lots of coughing. I am not fat. I had this to eliminate rolls to look better in clothes. I am disappointed. I have rolls back especially above the navel. I have not put on weight. My PS says all is well. I am not a complainer so I can't tell her how I feel. Have I wrecked this? I thought the skin was "glued" to the muscle. Has this become unattached? Why loose skin

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Loose skin after a tummy tuck

You do have some excess skin in your tummy, and I am sure the seroma did not help. Please check with your surgeon whether he will consider a revision. loosing some more weight will also help in getting an aesthetically pleasing result.

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Loose skin 3 months post op

It looks like  you still have loose skin that needs to be removed. Can a seroma case this? Yes. If it occupied enough of the space it could have stretched the skin out.  Seromas are a well known occurrence that can happen. My advise would be to talk to your surgeon sooner than later to see what revision policy their office has and talk about just revising the skin.  Also, having your BMI as close to or below 30 will maximize your result. 

Paul Albear, MD
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Tummy Tuck

Allow the healing to be complete, then visit your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and review your alternatives, and status in healing.

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Loose Skin After Tummy Tuck

Thanks for the 3 after photos but I would like to review the before photos! If you have an acceptable result is my question. If your chosen surgeon was tooooo conservative, as I suspect because of the bilateral dog ears -  worse on your right, than that is an issue between the two of you. Yes seroma collections and severe coughing can contribute to laxity of the skin but usually very minor. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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