Loose Skin After a Tummy Tuck

I just had a tummy tuck a week ago. When I stand or lie flat it looks great. When I sit or bend even slightly it looks like there's an invisible fist punching into my flabby stomach as the skin hangs all around my navel area. The bottom is very tight but the areas above and to the side are loose when bent or sitting. I am 28 and had this done after a drastic weight loss of 140lbs. I'm 148 now. Will this tighten over healing time? With a binder? Will I need a revision? So depressed :(

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Loose skin after tummy tuck

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There are many reasons for this. TYpically loss of elasticity that is seen with age, sun exposure, massive weight gain/loss, pregnancy may be more noticeable when you bend over or sit down and will not always be eradicated with a tummy tuck alone

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Loose skin After Tummy Tuck

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In a sitting position the majority of people will have some redundant skin.  If you have significant improvement in an upright position then your procedure sounds likes the procedure was successful.

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