How Can Loose Skin After Liposuction Be Treated?

I have loose draping skin in lower abdomin and cellulite looking skin in abs above navel after liposuction. The Dermatologist said she could inject more fat because too much was removed. How can these irregularities be corrected?

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Loose skin after Lipo?

If a person has loose skin before liposuction most likely they will have some after liposuction.  The best treatment for loose skin is entomology and buying a large professional massage machine to use on these areas everyday for up to 6 months.  Entomology is good but expensive.  It takes at least 7 treatments of 13 to see a result but I have seen terrific results in people with very loose skin,  which I never would have expected because of the severity of their condition.

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Correcting dents and laxity after liposuction

With poor skin elasticity, dents and irregular areas can come into view after liposuction. Certainly fat grafting into the dents is an option for some, though the success is tricky, and often will require more than one attempt to get the smoothest result. If the skin is quite lax, a tummy tuck can sort things out. You just may have to get additional opinions to get the correct perspective on the best fix.


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Loose skin after Lipo?

Tough question to answer without pics and exam, but I would tell you that you probably needed a TT with your lipo, re-injection of the fat is counterintuitive. I would seek a second opinion. I find that while I do perform "laser liposuction" I find that it is often way over promised, if you need a skin removal procedure Laser Lipo will not suffice. Good luck!

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