Loose Skin After Chin Implant Removal- "Chin Ptosis Repair, or "Skin Ellipses"

I Had a large chin implant removed 2 yrs ago at 30, with a skin ellipses to avoid extra/loose skin. However, the skin is loose/ fleshy (orig surgery and removal both under chin). My surgeon says nothing can fully fix; as removing the tissue from the bottom will take away the loose skin, but will not lift the chin at all. Is this correct? If so, what is the best repair I can achieve, and what route do i take for best results? (2nd ellipses, chin ptosis repair, or both). How much should it cost?

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Loose Skin after Chin Implant removal

This case leaves me with many questions. Why was the original implant removed? If the patient just did not want an implant, a genioplasty could be considered. A genioplasty is a procedure, where the bone of the chin is advanced forward. Since a large chin implant was placed, some weakness was identified, and adding support may help tighten some of the skin.

  I would be cautious about removing any more skin under the chin with ellipses. This may pull the chin mound down, resulting in a old person's chin.

 Other options for tightening the skin, possible full face laser resurfacing, if you are an appropriate candidate, or facelift.

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