Will Loose Skin After a Breast Revision Tighten over Time?

6 wks postop. Over muscle saline 325 implants replaced with silicone 375 under muscle due to capsular contracture. Initially implants were not dropping dr had me coming in 3 days/wk for massage as well as wearing a band across my chest. Implants have dropped maybe 60%, but need to drop more. I have loose skin from initial pocket. Will this skin tighten over time? Also, dr mentioned possibly needing a lift. I spent $13,000 on this and wondering if he goes back in is that typically at his expense?

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Loose skin post exchange

Chances are the loose skin you have now will NOT tighten over time so you may need a lift.

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Breast changes after a revision augmentation.

Unfortunately, without photos this is difficult to address outside of generalizations. Release of a contracture can lead to "looser" breast skin (or the appearance thereof) and some contracture of this skin can occur over several months. If the implants are riding high on the chest wall, this loose skin tends to appear at the bottom of the breast. As the implants drop, this should improve. A mastopexy (breast lift) is sometimes necessary and if minor, may be done in the office. As to whether this is covered by your previous payment is dependent upon the policies of your plastic surgeon.

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Loose skin after augment revision

Without pictures, it is impossible to address your specific case. Given that you had a revision with larger implants, I am unclear as to how the initial pocket would have creating loose skin.  The skin should tighten over time but the degree to which this will occur cannot be ascertained on the internet.  If you needed a lift to begin with and opted for implants alone, then it is possible that a lift may be required and this would be an additional procedure at your expense; many plastic surgeons, myself included, discount a repeat or related procedure.  I will also say that an augment with silicone implants is not a $13000 procedure in my practice and am uncertain as to whether you paid for one or two operations.  You should discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and re-read his financial policies for clarification.

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Loose Skin After a Breast Revision

This might be hard to predict after an in person exam, let alone after a question with no photos attached. 

If the implants are riding high, it can be expected to continue to settle over a period of 3 months or so, and you are only half-way there. For now, concentrate on massage and following your surgeon's instructions. As the implants drop they can be expected to fill out what now seems like excess skin in the lower pole. 

In terms of expenses, that is something that each office will have a different policy. Often there will be a discounted professional fee, but an expectation of payment to the facility and to the anesthetist. If the procedure includes more that the original one, that policy will be different. This must be discussed with the surgeon.

Thanks for the question. Best wishes. 

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Loose skin after breast revision

The skin excess can contract, but it will take several months, much like abdominal skin after pregnancy...this can vary from person to person.  The financial costs for revision vary depending on the problem and surgeon...you should discuss his/her policy with them...the final results depend on what they did  and also how your body heals.

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Revisionary Breast Surgery and Skin “Tightening”?

As you can imagine, it is not possible to provide you with precise advice without direct examination. Generally speaking, the breast skin envelope does tend to “tighten” over the course of  the first few months after breast revision surgery. Exactly how much the skin will contract back will depend on the quality of skin elasticity present.  Of course, there are many variables involved in revisionary breast surgery  and will come into play in determining the final outcome of the procedure. Hopefully, as the breast implants “settle” fully and the breast skin envelope contracts, you will be pleased with the results of the procedure performed.

 In regards to the expenses of surgery, much will depend on what was discussed before hand. Generally speaking, additional surgery will usually mean additional expenses…

 I hope this helps.

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