I have loose poor fitting dentures & no teeth. Would mini implants work as an anchor?

I have concerns about the long term viability of mini implants. The regular length implants are unaffordable. Would the one piece mini's work better? What is the average cost range for the recommended procedure? What is the surgery time needed ? What do you suggest to restore proper chewing ?

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Using mini implants to stabilize a denture

Mini dental implants are ideal for stabilizing a denture, in fact that is their primary indication. 
Because you mentioned that your dentures are ill fitting, I would recommend that either prior to placing mini dental implants or at the time of implant placement, you should have the dentures relined so that they have a better fit. This will not only give you a more comfortable and more stable result, it will also have a protecting effect on the implants because the denture will be more stable and will not rock the implants lose due to lateral chewing forces.
it is true that mini dental implants do not have a life expectancy of full-size implants, however with proper placement by the dentist and proper care at home, you should expect a mini dental implant to last at least five years.
There are many variables that will affect cost, but the range should be somewhere around $400-$800 per implant.

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Dr. Champagne

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Mini Implants and dentures

Personally I would advise that you see a number of dentists and obtain their opinions .

I really don't like the concept of mini implants as in general they do fail long term  and ultimately the patient may be disappointed 

There are a number of options with implants and dentures depending on cost and also the clinical situation ie ...How much bone you have .

On the lower jaw 2 implants may be placed to stabilise a great looking denture . On the upper arch 4 implants are normally required .

Patients with dentures love when implants are placed as their dentures can be transformed into a set that function and are aesthetically pleasing 

Tracey Bell 

Tracey Bell, BDS
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Will mini dental implants fix my denture?

Now mini implants certainly do work, particularly if we are talking about the inability to afford conventional implant fixtures. What the mini implants do is help with stabilisation. Your denture won’t be any smaller but what it will do is give you a little bit of support. Mini implants do not integrate like conventional implants but if correctly placed with a well fitting and well-designed denture, you can certainly have some retention and help reduce the movement particularly of lower dentures.

The cost is less than conventional implants due to the minimal surgery needed. What you should remember is this is not a long term option even though some studies have shown that these can be successful for at least 8 to 10 years. Ideally to restore proper chewing, a more thoroughly designed conventional implant system whether it is the use of multiple implants or a couple of implants with an over denture as an option but certainly it is an option for you if you are concerned about getting the stability.

Fadi Yassmin, BDS
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Of course Snap On Dentures

I have been working with dentures over mini dental implants for years and no problem, the stability of the mini dental implant is adequate since the pressure of the bite will be over 7 or 8 mini dental implants. The snap On dentures are a great option for people looking to have a steady bite and a strong chewing bite and being able to even eat a steak. yes of course that can be done and of course I recommend them. The average cost of this procedure is about $6,500 US considering both arches with porcelain acrylic denture and 14 mini dental implants. The mini dental implants are placed in just one hour and the waxing tests during the week, in 6 days we have both Snap On dentures, upper and lowers. The surgery is a minimally invaside procedure. Hope this helps.

Mini Implants Are a Great Option In The Right Situation

I would suggest having a consultation with a dentist - get photos / models / x-rays and see what your options are.  Mini implants often provide a much more retentive option than nothing at all thus changing the entire functionality of your dentures - further, you can often use your same denture!

Best of Luck

Frank Orlando, DDS
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Mini implants great for lower dentures

Mini implants are great for lower dentures due to the large amount usually available in the anterior mandible.  They are often less satisfactory in uppers.

My best Rx is to ut6ilize mini's for immediate use and to also do full implants for long term if finances permit.

I frequently hear stories of people going without teeth during implant procedures and mini implants are a great resource for comfort and cosmetics during complex cases.

I have had some patients for minis for 15 years and because they are quick and easy they can be accomplishe in compromised patients.  I recently placed several mini implants in my 97 year old uncle.

Ira Shapira, DDS
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Mini implants

A comprehensive evaluation is needed before treatment, so I suggest at least a couple of consults.  

Yes,  mini implants will be better than none and regular implants will be better than minis.  You must remember though that a mini implant is 10mm long which will require bone length and many people with dentures have lost a lot of bone height.  Multiple short implants or bone grafting/sinus grafting may be needed prior.  Get your consults and don't worry implant placement is less painful than a tooth extraction.

Victor Sanz, DDS
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