Will I Need to Loose Alot of Weight for my BBL? (photo)

i'm 27, 6 ft and i weigh 253. most/ all of my weight is in my belly and back. i want most/all of it transferred to my hips and buttocks.. am i a good candidate? i have been doing a lot of research and found that most of the women on here look to be thinner. but i'm not sure there bmi.

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BMI Does Affect Body Contouring Results

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Thank you for your questio and photos.  Based on your research, I am sure that you have found that most of the examples of Brazilian Butt Lift Results  posted are in patients with a lower BMI,  This is the case because the effect of the liposuction and fat transfer will be more easily seen and improved in patients with less excess fat in other areas of the body.   Having said that, if your expectations are realistic, you can perform a Brazilian Butt Lift on a higher BMI patient with significant improvement.  Large Volume Liposuction with a Brazilian Butt Lift performed in a hospital with a board certified Plastic Surgeon experienced in these procedure would be beneficial to you.  A thorough medical examination and testing would also be necessary to keep you safe.  This combination of procedures will help you, but you cannot expect the same results you see online.  I hope that this helps.  Best wishes!

Brazilian Butt lift

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Your results for a Brazilian Butt Lift would be much better if you loose weight.

You have lots of fat that interfere with the looks of the butt.

Loose the weight then the surgery is Body Contouring to liposuction areas of fat in excess and where it interfere with your curves, transfer that fat to the buttock to enhance the shape and projection of the butt.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Buttlift Procedure at 253 lbs

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  Although weight loss may be advised for general health, the key is to determine if a stable weight has been obtained.  If a stable weight has been achieved after weight loss has been attempted, Brazilian buttlift can be considered, provided there are no other health problems.  The maximum amount of fat should be liposuctioned and a large amount transferred to produce as dramatic a transformation as possible.

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