What Can I Do To Look More Asian? (photo)

I'm 18 years old hungarian girl. Middle of europe. (I'm sorry, my engish is not good) All my life I would like to be asian(japanese). I feel that my spirit is asian. Therfore I feel very horrible, when I see myself in the mirror. I am 192 cm tall, I have blue eyes, and very european face. I just want change my face, to looks like asian, or half asian. What do you think about this?

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You have a body image issue.

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I can tell you that you are a very attractive person but I know that wouldn't mean much to you.  I am very concerned that in your quests to achieve what is truly an unattainable goal, you will have damaging surgery from which there will be no hope of recovery.  At age 18 it can be very difficult to understand the potential of cosmetic surgery to cause permanent harm.  An important issue is how much time a day do you spend thinking about this issue.  If you answer is more than an hour a day, I recommend that you get assessed by a psychologist for body dysmorphic disorder.  

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