6 months post TT and BR, does Liposuction go together in one price of 5,985? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction. Does lipo come with tummy tuck? That price was 5,985 and price in all with breast reduction was 11,???. My 6 month appointment is coming up this month. Should I ask him to give me lipo since he didn'tfirst time. My stomach is still fat/ bloated. Is it still suppose to be that swollen after 6 months?

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Liposuction and tummy tucks

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I would agree with others... liposuction is frequently performed with a  tummy tuck, but not always. Some surgeons will routinely perform liposuction as part of their TT, but it is not considered "part of" as a general rule. On the other hand, you had a breast reduction- in that procedure a breast lift is a part of the breast reduction. So it's a good question, but I'm sorry that it's not the answer you seek.

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Lipo is not "part of" tummy tuck.

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Generally speaking, lipo is not considered part of a tummy tuck any more than eyelid surgery is considered "part of" a facelift. Both are frequently done together, but they are not done together "automatically," as some people who "need" a facelift have no need for blepharoplasty (or may have had eyelids done alone previously).

Some surgeons may indeed include liposuction as part of the procedure, but truly few would lipo the abdominal area. When it IS included, it is generally the hips that are liposuctioned, and the price reflects that inclusion, since not every patient may want or need their hips liposuctioned.

Furthermore, liposuction of the abdominal flap can cause damage to the blood supply of the abdominal skin. Search fat necrosis or dead skin after tummy tuck here on RealSelf to see what sometime happens when these two operations are done together! Your surgeon did not NEGLECT a paid-for part of your procedure, he safely did not do something risky!

So NO, you will not get a "free" lipo, even if you ask your surgeon. But now that you have healed for 6 months, it is entirely reasonable to proceed with liposuction of the abdomen, hips, or any area(s) you choose to pay for. You may even get a slight price reduction, but that's up to your surgeon! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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