Had quad bleph over 3 months ago; what is going on? (Photos)

What is happening after I quad bleph over 3 months ago. Before pic much better

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Quad Blepharoplasty with residual ptosis.

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Hi Leisa1,

Thanks for your question and photos. Will start with the good. Your lower blephs look good based on the one photo you have. The upper eyelids have several issues. One is that before surgery, you had bilateral eyelid ptosis which should have been corrected at the time of the blepharoplasty. It also appears that you have lacrimal gland ptosis on the left side which if not correct gives the appearance of a bulge to the lateral part of your eyes. It may also just be skin either from the brows dropping after eyelid surgery which is common due to herings law. This is usually not explained when a upper blepharoplasty is done and accounts for the heavier look to the eyes despite having had surgery. A brow lift helps to correct the issue or may more eyelid skin resection. Discuss your issues with your plastic surgeon. If not happy with the discussion, get other opinions from qualified surgeons but I would wait at least 6 months before proceeding. Good Luck!

All the best,
Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS
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Had quad bleph over 3 months ago; what is going on?

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Hello Leisa1,

You have posted many questions about your concerns with your surgeries.  Some of them have been regarding your facelift, your revision facelift, and your eyes.  Although it is nice to gather the opinions from many other surgeons around the country it is important to express your concerns with your surgeon.  You haven't indicated yet what he or she has recommended for your concerns.  With regards to the photo you posted today, your lighting is very different.  It also appears because of the lighting that you are partially squinting in your after photo which pulls the brows down lower and gives  greater fullness to the eyes.  Whether you continue to have excess skin or a prominent brow bone above your eye or whether it is just your muscles pulling things downwards, an in person evaluation is the best next step.  Before you proceed with any further interventions, I would recommend you get a second in person consultation.  You should also follow up with your surgeon to see what his or her response is to your concerns.  

I hope this helps and good luck.  

Had quad bleph over 3 months ago; what is going on?

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Lower lids appear very good! Uppers have lateral excess or lateral brow ptosis. Additional surgical options are needed, sorry.

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Overall your lower lids look nice but you would benefit from slightly more upper eyelid excision laterally.  Sometimes a lateral brow lift helps but extending the upper lid blepharoplasty laterally dues the trick and is an easier recovery.  

Blepharoplasty Results

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It seems to me that two issues are present.  First, you still have some excess skin of the left upper lid.  This is easily repaired with a minor procedure.  Not that uncommon to have this problem in that most plastic surgeons are conservative and thin skin like on the lids will stretch after surgery from swelling.

Also, I do see some ptosis of the eyelids on both pics.  That is where the upper lids do not open fully showing less of the upper iris (colored part of your eye).  A ptosis repair would help that issue so that your eyes look more open and less tired.

I would suggest you wait until the six month time from surgery to address these issues.

Dr Spies

Blepharoplasty result

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Your lower lid fat pads look nicely improved in this one photo angle. However, your upper lid skin is still redundant on the left and probably will need a revision. Good luck.

Post 4 lid bleph

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For some reason it looks as though you still have a fair amount of redundant skin along your left upper eyelid and more should probably come off.

Asymmetry and ptosis 3 months post op

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Thank you for sharing your question and photos. First, you have ptotic (droopy) eyelids which were present before surgery. Usually ptosis is dealt with prior to blepharoplasty or at the same time. Next, you have a some extra skin. Your doctor was probably being conservative (which is being careful) in his approach. You might need a bit of skin revision. The issues can be managed after six months post op.
Good luck,

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