Revision facelift and quad bleph with "fat transfer' 7 months ago. This is what I am left with! Dr. doesn't want to talk (Photo)

My nose has become so thin on the bridge that I can hardly wear glasses. My eyes look terrible. And my face and neck are getting thinner everyday. My ps will not talk to me. Released me at 2 1/2 mos post op. What can be done about this? He did revision facelift and was suppose to do fat transfer.

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Facelift revisions

I can't speak in detail, because these complicated issues require an in-person evaluation so I can see everything with my own eyes.  I do note some undercorrection of your cheek, but that's correctable with some filler or repeat fat grafting, which is sometimes necessary.  Did you have a rhinoplasty?  Not sure why it's thinner.  I do notice that on your preop photo, you were a little over-filled, especially in the mid/lower face which was giving you a bit of an unnatural appearance.  As I mentioned, tough to tell exactly.  If you feel you need lifted more on the left (right looks ok?), then, after you've done fillers (probably Sculptra) for under-eye area, you could no Ultherapy, which is a nonsurgical way to lift/tighten the skin without an incision.  

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