What is happening to my neck and face? Had revision 6 months ago and PS I believe only did skin facelift (Photos)

Ps will not talk with me. Did revision 6 months ago and face and neck are falling apart. Neck and sides of face are painful. Also behind my ears. What can be done about this?.

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Skin rippling after a facelift

It is rather unusual to see this type of rippling after a facelift.  Nevertheless,  it can happen even in some well performed facelifts due to unpredictable subcutaneous scarring.  Fortunately with proper care this typically resolves quite nicely.  In my facelift practice, we routinely see our patients for at least 6 month for follow up to assure proper healing. Ask your plastic surgeon for guidance, or at least a referral that would advise you on proper non-surgical, or minimally invasive correction. 

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Skin Rippling after a Facelift

This is a good question. Unfortunately, it does not look as if you have the results that you desired.  However, I do feel that this can be improved. It does look as if the skin under you neck area was not draped properly and this may have caused the rippling. For a smooth result, the skin of the neck and the face must be dissected and the incisions must be in the proper place for the draping to be correct and get a smooth result. It may be possible to improve this problem but you would have to be seen in person. Since it has only been 6 months, an exam would determine if your tissues have enough laxity to be revised at this time.  It may be better to wait 8 to 12 months for more laxity. Also, it would be good to see the placement of your incisions because this may have caused some of the rippling.  Good luck with your search. 

Walton Montegut, MD
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Revision face-lift

The changes and irregularities in your neck are noticeable.  6 months out, you can try and start with gentle massage (starting from the midline of your neck and extending outward laterally).  This is a simple, at-home way of improving how quickly the irregularities and contour issues mature and soften up.  Another option is having a PS inject some kenalog/5-FU into the areas that are tough - this will help soften up the contour abnormalities as well.  Obviously the best person to go back to would be your operating surgeon - that being said, it sounds like the relationship between the two of you is not at its best.  You can always ask the office of other people in the area who may be able to help with your concerns.  I hate to hear about what has happened in your post operative course. Best of luck.  I hope some of this helps.

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Revision Facelift

Hi Leisa, There appears to be contour irregularities in your neck. These can result from overlapping skin or irregularities in the muscle layer. Sometimes, massage can help smooth these out. If they do not improve, you may require further revision. A non surgical option would be steroid injections if this is resulting from excessive scarring. Best, Javad Sajan, MD

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What is happening?

Your concerns are visible.  The best person to give you an answer would be the surgeon who operated on you.  I recommend you contact your previous surgeon.  If you cannot see your previous surgeon seek consultation with a qualified surgeon in your area.  It appears you are having irregular healing of your skin to the underlying tissue.  There are many things that can be done to speed up the healing and improve the appearance.  It is best to discuss these options with your treating physician. Bottom line---it will get better,  but go see a surgeon for guidance.

George Orloff, MD, FACS
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Before pictures please

Please send before pictures to evaluate to improvement and issues before surgery. You do have scarring over the neck and this can be corrected. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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