Look at what has happened to my face 6 months post facelift. My face has moved forward and is painful. Look at neck! (Photo)

I am 6 mos post facelift revision. PS said he was doing fat transfer and upper and lower bleph. My neck has literally come apart and some sort of "band" is inching forward toward the center of my face. My ps released me at 3 mos postop and refuses to see me because I wasn't pleased with his work. What in this world can be done? Sides of face feel very "ripply" and tragus is pulling forward very tight on both sides.

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Healing after face lift

It appears that your healing is still in full progress; tight skin, swelling of the neck, soreness and lumpiness. Some people heal longer and swelling can significantly camouflage underlying condition. For the time being you need to stay patient and wait until scars (the entire area of the face and neck underneath the skin is a big scar) heal and soften. Then you should consult another surgeon for a second opinion evaluation and discuss your options. I do not see the reason to jump into new revision face lift too early. Patience and good luck.

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Still early

I know you wont love this answer but 6 months is still pretty early for any surgery on the skin. It will still be relaxing and tension lines are not uncommon with movement. I certainly think I would seee and reassure you that patience and massage may be all you need to allow things to settle down. The alternative is revision surgery which unfortunately resets the healing clock to 0 and you will be left with another 6 -12 months of softening and settling. Not what you were hoping for I am sure but hopefully it may reassure you.Hope that helps. Adam Goodwin

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